The core uCoz product is its eponymous site builder, which is absolutely stacked with features, making it one of the most comprehensive and powerful platforms of its kind around.

When you first land on the ucoz home page, you will be asked to choose between three site builder options. All three are built on the same engine and are just a case of uCoz branding their product in different ways to attract different audiences. The choices are:

  • Personal: The main uCoz builder with all features included.
  • Business: The ‘uKit’ drag-and-drop builder has no script editor. It is aimed at helping SME owners with no development experience get a professional-looking site up and running quickly and easily with business-focused templates.
  • Online Shop: The ‘uShop’ solution provides additional e-commerce templates and payment platforms – more detail below.

The decision to target a building tool at businesses without the code editing options is slightly curious as it takes away much of the control and flexibility of the main platform. Don’t be put off, however — the main uCoz builder is more than capable of creating sites for all use cases, business or otherwise.

Whichever option you choose, getting started couldn’t be more simple. All you need to do is sign up and you can start using the site builder, free of charge, straight away.


It is easy to have a love-hate relationship with pre-loaded page templates. On the one hand, they make it easy for the average Joe to get started building sites. On the other, they can feel very restrictive, and the designs are often just plain tacky.

The pre-designed templates uCoz offers are actually pretty good. There are hundreds to choose from, all neatly categorized and easy to search. So, if you want to build a music site, there are a bunch of templates under music, a foodie site, search under food and so on. And different template categories appear if you choose the business uKit or e-commerce uShop builder platforms.