Membership Website Creators in 2020

Top 5 Membership Website Creators in 2020


The membership website remains to be one of the best solutions for bringing your community or customers together. These kinds of web resources are ready to offer plenty of advanced functions, such as sharing media, guides or ideas among the chosen users of your platform.


However, managing membership site platforms is often really complicated since you usually need to handle payments, permissions, subscriptions, as well as delegate rights for different users. Therefore, it is incredibly important to choose the right builder for creating a website with membership and user login. How to create a membership website with minimum efforts? What is the best membership website builder available in 2020? Let’s find out!


Top Membership Website Builders



Wix web builder offers a convenient membership site software along with tons of extended features for web developing needs. The platform can boast to have over 90 million users worldwide, making Wix one of the most popular solutions for creating and customizing websites. 


The program offers tons of specially developed plans, templates, and functions for any kind of membership site. With the Wix platform, you will be able to craft a subscription website that allows creating members-only site pages visible only to the subscribers. 


Wix offers a number of benefits for users, who are planning to create membership sites:


  • Lots of special features for subscription websites, including community forums, Member directory, chat rooms, and event calendars

  • The large database of templates of different colors and styles

  • Different payments options (PayPal is also available)

  • Free access to the Wix app market with hundreds of both free and paid services for your membership site 

  • Round the clock support 

  • Reasonable pricing policy with different plans to fit any customer

  • No ads


However, the platform offers a single admin account for managing your web resource that might not suit heavy membership websites with versatile options and a large number of clients. 


As for Wix pricing, it is completely affordable. The plans vary for $4.50 to $25 per month. The more disk space and features you would like to get, the more expensive the price is. This subscription website builder will perfectly fit any business, personal or professional website. 

Wild Apricot


Wild Apricot is another top-rated membership site builder. As a rule, it is used by users, who need a handy solution for crafting a membership website with dozens of features and an unlimited number of admin accounts. The program specializes in creating subscription sites, so you will definitely find everything needed for designing an excellent web resource. 


Being an expert in the area, Wild Apricot will meet the requirements of both beginner and experienced users. The program will help you to manage a membership website with thousands of users. As well as make changes and updates on the fly. 


The advantages of Wild Apricot: 


  • Easy to use and completely understandable interface

  • Lots of functions, including forums, calendars, forms, and databases 

  • Professional solution for subscription sites

  • Various payments methods

  • Thousands of free and paid widgets 

  • Unlimited number of admin accounts

  • Multiple membership levels with variable options 

  • Ability to use your own CSS and HTML code for more detailed customization

  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android allow implementing the changes right from your smartphone


Among the builder’s drawbacks are the ads that are used on the most tariff plans. Furthermore, the dashboard and some functions might seem difficult for beginners. 


Wild Apricot has a free trial period, so you will be able to play with the app’s functions and options to know more about the builder. The pricing fee varies from $40 to $600 per month and depends on the number of features you are going to add on your site. 




GoCentral is a universal web builder, used for creating top membership sites. The program is really easy, so it will perfectly fit newbie users. In case you look for membership websites examples created by the platform, you will find out that thousands of online solutions are crafted with the help of the platform. 

The builder is focused on super-fast web development, so you will be able to create your membership website within the shortest terms. Moreover, the application has lots of extra advantages that are highly valued by millions of customers: 

  • Security backup. You can effortlessly make changes to your membership website and come back to the previous version in just a few clicks

  • Fast and easy. In case you need to set up a membership website ASAP, the program will help you to do it in no time

  • Expert assistance. If you need some professional help with creating the membership website template or have any issues with the program’s functions, the experts are ready to assist

  • Supports various payment systems 

  • 24/7 support. A friendly customer support team is always available


Unfortunately, GoCentral has no free trial plan. The average pricing fee is $10 per month which is relatively low compared to the app’s competitors. 




Weebly builder is known for its intuitive interface, fair pricing and an enormous amount of functions and options for any case. The app is the most easy-to-use solution since it allows using a drag-and-drop feature for creating a membership website of any kind and level of difficulty. 


The program is widely used by commercial organizations and small businesses, providing lots of facilities for e-commerce. Moreover, the utility has embedded SEO tools that will help you to drive your Google positions. Optimizing your descriptions, images, and meta titles becomes as simple as 1-2-3.


Weebly’s benefits include:


  • Free plan available

  • Rich functionality for membership solutions

  • Mobile application for membership site integration that allows checking the most important parameters using your smartphone

  • Ability to use several admin accounts

  • 4 most common payment systems

  • 24/7 support


Among the Weebly’s cons are:


  • Only one level of subscription options

  • A limited number of templates


The basic plan at Weebly starts at $8, which is surely not expensive. 



uKit is a convenient website builder with one of the largest bases of templates for your site. The program might become a top choice for complete beginners in the web development field. The tool’s interface is as simple, as possible; so you are not likely to face any difficulties when crafting your first membership site. The utility is designed for people, who have no programming knowledge and is incredibly helpful for building your own membership site from scratch. 


What are uKit pros?


  • 300+ colorful and top-notch templates for any kind of membership website

  • Ability to create a mobile-friendly membership site with no extra plugins or third-party apps

  • Simple and understandable

  • Ability to implement dozens of different widgets

  • No coding required

  • Powerful stats functions

  • Backup feature

  • Round the clock support


It is surely worth mentioning that uKit has the most reasonable pricing policy among its competitors. Thus, the cheapest plan starts at only $4 per month. Moreover, the program has a 14-days free trial. 


How to choose the best builder? 


The first thing you should take into account when choosing the best site builder is your plans and purposes. What kind of membership site are you going to create? How many visitors do you expect to attract daily? Moreover, pay extra attention to your budget. The truth is that most builders offer lower prices in case you purchase a long-term subscription. For example, you are likely to have a great discount when purchasing the plan for over 1 year. 


The most important things to consider when choosing the web builder:


Ease of use. In case you are a professional membership website developer, you might skip this step. However, most people, who are looking for the site creator, are not experts. Therefore, to make your job much easier, you will need to consider the level of difficulty of each builder from your list. In case you are a complete newbie, it is better to choose simpler solutions without tons of extra functions. In this case, you will not get lost in advanced features and are likely to finish crafting your web resource much faster. Furthermore, if you pick up a really easy software, you will not need to study a lot - the best solutions are usually intuitively understandable. 


Trial version. This is another factor that is surely vital when choosing the most fitting utility. With the free trial version, you get an opportunity to discover the most common app’s functions and options with no need to pay for the program. Moreover, with a free trial, you are able to compare different software and choose the tool which you like most. In case you purchase the utility with no free trial, it might fail to meet your expectations. 


Price. The cost of the plan is surely one of the most considerable parts of making your choice. The prices for builders significantly vary - you might buy a $4 or $600 solution depending on your needs. In case you are creating the membership website for the first time and don’t expect huge incomes for the first time, it is recommended to start with middle-cost plans. As a rule, these are often called Business or E-commerce plans.


The number of admin accounts. When it comes to subscription website builders, one of the most popular parameters to take into account is the number of administrator’s accounts. For example, if you are planning to create a small membership site with a limited number of subscribers, you can choose a builder with a single admin. However, in case you are crafting an online store with a 1000+ estimated number of users, it is better to have a membership website with several admin accounts. This way, several administrators will be able to help you cope with all the management.


Payment methods. The number of integrated payment systems is amazingly important for your membership website performance. Thus, a large number of payment options allow your customers to make purchases in the most convenient way. Moreover, the availability of various payment systems will make your visitors feel that your membership site is more reliable and user-friendly. 


A number of subscription levels. In case you want to delegate the site’s users with different rights and benefits, subscription levels are one of the necessary options to consider. For example, you might offer different functionality and options to different categories of users. 


Estimated downloading speed. The faster your membership site is, the better. Therefore, it is also recommended to pay attention to the reviews about the website downloading speed for site crafted with the help of different platforms. Moreover, the site speed has a great impact on your SEO scores. 


SEO functions. In case you have never dealt with search engine optimization, it might be a good idea to pick up the platform with SEO tools available. This way, preparing your site for a publication and developing its rankings at search engines will be smooth and easy. Moreover, SEO tools allow improving your Google scores with no need to install plugins or third-party applications.


Available plugins. In case your membership site is likely to have special unique features, make sure the builder you are planning to use has plugins to fit your needs. By the way, some solutions offer free plugins for a wide range of purposes. 


The number of templates. If you are going to craft a professional site or portfolio, it is better to make your web resource look unique and even outstanding. This way, picking up the tool with a large database of templates is really necessary. This simple trick will help you to choose an uncommon template and attract more visitors with original content. 


Ability to use your own code. This tip is offered solely for professional developers. Inserting your own HTML and CSS codes is available in a few builders. That is why double-check this function if needed. 


Top tips for finding the best website builder


When choosing the best solution to fit all your needs, it is often difficult to make the final choice. However, there are some tips that will make your decision easier. Just make sure you’ve considered these options before purchasing the plan for a certain builder:


  • Domain purchasing. In case you are making your first membership site, you will surely need to buy a domain name for your web solution. The domain name can be purchased separately from your builder. However, buying a domain and creating a membership site using the help of the single software is surely preferable. This way, the process of setting up your ready-made site will be significantly easier. 

  • Mobile friendly. In the era of mobile devices, make sure the tool for creating the membership website allows making a responsive solution. In this case, your site will look perfect on both desktop and mobile devices. Most builders already support this function but if you choose an uncommon utility, make sure to double-check the feature.

  • Mobile app. If you are spending lots of time using portable devices or would like to edit and update your membership site with the help of your smartphone, it is recommended to choose a solution that has both mobile and desktop versions. By the way, most builder’s apps allow tracking the number of visitors and respond to suspicious traffic or server issues anytime. Using both versions will help you to keep in touch with your membership site anywhere with no need to use your PC or laptop. Check your site’s key indicators in the blink of an eye. 

  • Customization. The builders vary, as well as their customization features differ greatly. In case you need not a simple site but a deeply customizable solution, this option is really important to consider. 

  • Refund policy. In case you are not sure about your choice, consider picking up the builder with a refund option. This way, in case the tool is not meeting your expectations, you will easily get your money back with no efforts. Note: upgrading to a more advanced plan should be smooth and is likely to provide you with the best service and the higher number of options. 

  • Reviews. It might sound obvious but read the user’s reviews on each solution before making the final decision to purchase the software’s plan. This way, you will discover not only the strong points but also the weaknesses of each utility. In case the drawbacks are not vital for the membership website performance, don’t hesitate to make the right choice. 

  • Avoid rushing making the final decision. In case you don’t require creating a web solution for your business ASAP, don’t hurry up with choosing the builder. Learn more about each software, as well as its pros and cons. With this simple trick, you will be able to choose the best alternative that will perfectly meet all your requirements. 


All in all, picking up the right builder is vital for your membership website design, functions, and SEO scores. Think twice before purchasing the plan of a certain web-building provider, as well as look for the solutions with a free trial period. Following these rules will help you to choose the most fitting solution and create the membership website of your dream with minimum efforts.